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France 2017

Were excited to begin our Big Trip: two weeks in France – without kids – just the two of us off on a  grown up adventure.  We leave today, July 20th. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Diane spent a year as an exchange student in Belgium, but I have never been to Europe – so this is a real bucket list trip.  So exciting to visit places I have read so much about over the years.  Diane is excited too – and looking forward to French wines and chocolate croissants – yum!

We will post reflections and pictures from our trip as it unfolds, so feel free to follow us on this blog. This is our first time blogging, so bear with us as we learn how to use all these tools.  A shout out to my brother-in-law Mark Grewell, who gave me a few pointers.



All Advenures Begin with Planning

Diane and I want to give a special shout out to Rosalia Cellini at AAA and the folks at Trafalger Tours.  They made planning for this trip really easy. We also want to thank our friend Stasia, for her encouragement and advice and all the wonderful books she shared with us. And a special hello to our tour director Giovanna ( J0)  at Twitter: @Trafalagartalk; FB:; Twitter” @giotrafalgar.