An Unexpected Pleasure

img_1753I’ve always liked the distinctiveness of Lucinda Williams voice and the poetry of her songs – her music often described as genre-defying,  at the intersection of rock, folk and country.  We learned she was playing in Princeton last night and called the McCarter to  score last minute tickets to the sold-out show.  Fortune was with us, and we landed 2 tickets in the 7th row center, some of the best seats in the house, and arranged a fine dinner at the lovely Eno Terra  before the show.

Lucinda and the band gave a great performance,  playing Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, in its entirety, as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the album’s release. During the show, she talked about her father, the poet Miller Williams – who was a good friend of Flannery O’Connor.  According to the Poetry Foundation her dad was “the son of a Methodist clergyman and civil rights activist whose work is known for its gritty realism as much as for its musicality……… Williams wrote poems grounded in the material of American life, frequently using dialogue and dramatic monologue to capture the pitch and tone of American voices.”

Lucinda carries on the family tradition, crafting memorable songs that are deeply evocative of place and time – Louisiana, the South and the relationships that define.  She introduced The Ghosts of Highway 20   explaining how all the major events or her life occurred along this ribbon of highway that runs across the deep south.  Thanks, Lucinda.







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